Hospital Price Estimates

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For a cost estimate, please call us at 210-644-6132 or get a cost estimate online.

Hospital Price Estimates

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requires hospitals to make public a listing of all standard hospital charges; at least 300 shoppable services and a downloadable machine-readable file online that includes a list of all standard charges, including gross charges, discounted cash prices, payer-specific negotiated charges, and de-identified minimum and maximum negotiated charges. In compliance with this federal law, University Health makes this information available on the University Health online chargemaster.

Given the nature of healthcare, it is difficult to know in advance which services a patient may need during his or her visit. Total charges for a service or a procedure will vary based on the combination of:

  • Services provided
  • Hospital fees
  • Physician fees
  • Medications
  • Supplies
  • Lab tests
  • Radiology procedures

Additionally, if you receive care at one of our hospital-based facilities, you may receive a hospital facility charge in addition to a professional charge.

Our price estimator tool allows you to get estimates for procedures, exams, hospital stays, etc. with or without health insurance. If you don't find the procedure you are looking for in our price estimator tool or have any questions, please contact the Patient Access Department at 210-644-6132 and select option 5 to discuss your situation and request a personalized cost estimate.

If you do not have insurance, we will help determine if you qualify for financial assistance or a prompt pay discount.

When you are deciding where to get treatment, we know the price of your care is a major factor in this decision. We want to make information available to help you get an estimate of how much your care at our hospital might cost. However, this information does not guarantee your final charges, and the list of standard hospital charges are only estimates. The information University Health provides does not include cost of professional services provided by facility-based doctors or other health care providers. You remain responsible for all charges associated with your care.

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